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e-scooter charging

We electrify and organize e-scooter sharing systems for more sustainable urban mobility.

Our inductive charging and docking technology opens the door to the fun and energy-efficient micromobility of the 21st century.



charging stations

The Rollin charging stations’ body is made of durable materials, so it’s fully a four-season solution. There is no need to plug in and out for the riders thanks to the completely safe wireless technology.

Adaptation is crucial. Our stations are designed to fit in any corner of the cityscape. Parking ten e-scooters with Rollin takes no more space than one single parked car.

Our system is compatible with any e-scooter models and operators.




The three main pillars of our innovation are durability, safety, and efficiency. The connections are protected, no corrosion, less risk of electrical faults. Intermittent recharging with frequent reconnections without physically wearing down a charging connector. No plugging and unplugging leads to less wear and tear on the socket of the device and attaching cable.


beneficiaries of



Municipalities get the chance for a more sustainable urban mobility, a better parking spot per person ratio in the cities and a well-organized cityscape.

E-scooter sharing companies

E-scooter sharing companies will operate on a lower charging cost and raise their social and political acceptance by the organized infrastructure

private companies

Private companies or places like shopping malls, offices, hotels, industrial parks offer a smooth and fast way of micro transportation whether it’s a visitor or an employee.




For the best possible adaptation, the Rollin stations are designed to match the given capacities in any urban areas.

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